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Teen Titans Go Season 1 Episodes in Hindi Download (Netflix Dub)
Cartoon Network Completed Hindi Dub Netflix

Teen Titans Go Season 1 Episodes in Hindi Download (Netflix Dub)

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Series Info

Name: Teen Titans Go!

Season No: 1

Episodes: 52 [26*2]

Release Year: 2013

TV Channel (India): Cartoon Network

Language: Hindi

Quality: Netflix WEB-DL

Encoded By: Knight 372


Teen Titans Go! is an animated series that follows the adventures of the young Titans, residing in Jump City, when they are not saving the world while living together as teenagers without adults who intrude. Unlike most of the other superhero series, the situations are comic, crazy and parodic – for example, juvenile jokes that reach new heights of danger, obtaining the license to drive after destroying the Batmobile or washing the suits after staining them when fighting their enemies. The show regularly features characters who have appeared in the original series, albeit with reduced roles and/or exaggerated personalities. It also features greater attachment to the DC Universe at large, with more references to other characters in the Justice League, plus a few appearances by Batman and Commissioner Gordon in lighthearted moments.


Download Teen Titans Go Season 1 Episodes in Hindi

Download Teen Titans Go Season 1 Episodes in Hindi

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Teen Titans Go Season 1 Episodes in Hindi Download (Netflix Dub)



Teen Titans Go Review

The characters are more like caricatures. Often times their personalities mix so that each of the Titans are really just one entity. Other times, there are actually subtle identity differences between the characters, which isn’t much considering their lack of individuality but uh, it’s there. Everyone is a joke to some extent, and to many fans, that’s insulting.

It’s, more often than not, very mean spirited towards heroes such as Robin (however, Scott Menville absolutely shows his range in voicing Robin here, as he goes from a dignified leader to an absolute baby/control freak). Again, as someone who enjoyed the first Teen Titans cartoon series, I still was able to enjoy this show by not considering it anything more than official crack satire/parody. I simply didn’t take it seriously.

Part of the charm, again, in MY opinion, is that we see characters interact with each other in non-superhero-to-supervillain ways. That means we witness how some personalities from groups who aren’t normally friendly to on another develop their own relationships. It also means putting the characters in weird situations and seeing how they react (keep in mind, as overly exaggerated versions of themselves) Girls Night Out is one example, where the heroic characters become friends with villainous characters for a couple nights of chaotic fun.

There’s Villains in a Van Getting Gelato, where we get to see Dr. Light, Brother Blood, The Brain, and Gizmo interact as buddies discussing their relationships with the Titans. It’s nothing mind blowing but it’s rather interesting to watch these personalities play off one another without it getting in the way of canon. Trigon being a sitcom dad and Raven having an extended family also just amuses me, same with the America’s Got Talent parodies.

All of you are aware of the frequently referenced cringier grossout bits and juvenile humour, but I am able to look passed that. This often means just skipping an episode with a grossout premise. Others are obviously not as forgiving. As time went on, the superficial comedy started adopting more of an absurdist identity.

The writing was often somewhat tight, it just became tighter. Jokes fly by quicker, so if one is bad, the scene has already moved on. The pop culture references (this includes even references to obscure DC properties and a symbolic take on Marvel vs D. C., wherein Wonderwoman “Saves DC”) as often shared by Cyborg are rather fascinating and fun, I’m also sure it goes over most younger children’s heads. There are times when it gets so stupid that it wraps around to being enjoyable – I actually feel like this is purposefully done in many instances.

The fact that this show is rated as having no educational value on Common Snese Media doesn’t surprise me. I’m not shocked people didn’t stay to watch most of the series. There are actually many episodes where educational subjects are tackled, often in very satirical ways as well, and I am not joking about this.

This ranges from science (recycling with emphasis on the properties of polyethylene+terephthalyte, everyday physics, quantum physics) to economics (shareconomy, property ownership, pyramid scenes, scams, health insurance, the IRS/taxes) and a bunch of other topics (cease and desists, media Standards and Practices, light literature recaps+arts+mythology, the process and costs of animation, social issues that include that one “Author-Fillibuster” rant Cyborg went on about the extremely flawed American education-employment system, the actual definition of “irony” as opposed to coincidence, imperial vs metric, cultural significance of the Grand Canyon, and whatever other wild tidbits I missed). They’re often presented very speedily and efficiently as well.

When the music isn’t ridiculous or dumb, it can be quite nice. The some of the songs can really hit (Catching Villains being a famous example), and the background music isn’t bad either. There’s a lot of instances where dubstep and club music are used and it really does work with the action scenes. Speaking of,

The action ranges from comedically poor to actually really fast paced and rather fun. Special mention goes to whenever Ravager/Rose Wilson is on screen because fights that involve her have some of the better-looking choreography of simpler flash animation shows – especially for a cartoon that has no right in trying this hard.

The general feel to the show is that the writers, actors, and everyone else involved are trying to have as much fun as they can with such an uncreative show pitch in the first place. Sometimes people kind of succeed in making the most of a bad situation. Sometimes it’s ok to watch familiar characters react in weird, unexpected situations.

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