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Ben 10 Alien Force
Cartoon Network Completed English Dub Hindi Dub

Ben 10 Alien Force All Episodes in Hindi Download HD

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Series Info

Name: Ben 10: Alien Force

Seasons: 3

Episodes: 46

Release Year: 2008

Network: Cartoon Network

Language: English – Hindi [Org. Audio]

Quality: 1080p FHD | 720p HD

Encoder: ToonWorld4All


Ben Tennyson is now 15 and becoming a leader wearing his powerful Omnitrix again. Grandpa Max is missing and Ben needs the help of Gwen and Kevin to find him. Ben has 10 new aliens — including Swampfire, Goop and Jetray — to fight against Highbreed and stop him from making humans extinct and destroying Earth.

Fifteen-year-old Ben Tennyson must utilize the Omnitrix yet again in order to locate his missing Grandpa Max, accompanied by his cousin Gwen and former enemy Kevin 11.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


Ben 10 Alien Force Season 1 Episodes in Hindi

Download Ben 10 Alien Force Season 1 Episodes in Hindi



Ben 10 Alien Force Season 2 Episodes in Hindi

Download Ben 10 Alien Force Season 2 Episodes in Hindi



Ben 10 Alien Force Season 3 Episodes in Hindi

Download Ben 10 Alien Force Season 3 Episodes in Hindi



Ben 10 All Series/Movies in Hindi

Ben 10 All Series in Hindi



Ben 10 Alien Force Review

I grew up watching Ben 10, and ironically by the time i was a teenager, this show came out and ben was now a teenager himself, which is why i felt so connected to this show in my high school years. Its safe to say that this is a worthy sequel series that builds upon the world building and dynamics the first show did, keeping continuity and improving it. Through the years i purchased all the DVD volumes of this show and at last i have completed my collection, which lead to me binge watching this series right after i binge watched the original series, and finally giving my review on it.

Characters: Ben returns, but this time he is a teenager, and because of that his character is drastically different. When he was 10 even on his best days he was bratty, but here he displays a lot of the morals grandpa max and his mentors taught him, he is a true hero this time, and has really grown into the role of a leader. Gwen is still the voice of reason here, but this time in a more caring way, her relationship with ben is more mature, as they argue like adults instead of children, and her magic powers have grown considerably, being able to create pink constructs and have psychic abilities that are very useful in every episode. Kevin was once a childhood nemesis of ben, having the ability to drain energy from anything and replicate that power, ben reunites with him again, but this time kevin is a thug with a heart of gold, he desires to be a hero this time and is willing to help ben, another reason helps is because he falls completely in love with Gwen.

In the first season of the series, the main villains of the show is the Highbreed race, a prideful alien race that see all other races as filth and unworthy to breathe the same air as them, this leads to some powerful themes about genocide, racism and callbacks to world war 2. There is a large cast this time, full of compelling heroes and villains, but there is one that stands out above the rest, and that is Kevin’s Car, a neon green muscle car made out of alien technology. (you probably think im joking) But that car becomes its own character throughout the series, as kevin drives the team around the country in it, being the sole reason the team survives some hard battles, Kevin is obsessed with keeping this car safe, which is hilarious when it gets damaged, only to get fixed by kevin by the next episode, it basically becomes the teams mystery machine.

The Plot: An ancient race of aliens called the High breed declare war on the galaxy, as they desire to wipe out all other races that they deem inferior to ensure their own survival. This leads to a massive conspiracy on earth as the high breeds minions set up for their imminent arrival. Ben is in high school, and is living a normal life, playing soccer and trying to score a date with his crush, Julie. When he goes to visit grandpa max, he finds out he is missing, and that the last thing he was doing was investigating the high breeds activities.

Ben reactivates his discarded Omnitrix getting 10 new aliens to change into, he then gets gwen to help him find max with her powers, on their search they run into their old nemesis, kevin, who has been rehabilitated (kind of), and desires to help them by driving them wherever they need to go and of course to fight the DNAliens. As they search for max they discover there are many other alien children with powers like them, who desire to help save the world. While there are filler episodes, they are mostly enjoyable and contribute mostly to the overall plot, which in the first season is quite a well developed conspiracy leading up to the final invasion of earth.

Action: The predecessor of this show was quite good in the action department, but with the change in animation, the change in fighting also occurred. Every episode is heavily filled with fighting and superpowers. The action is alot more smooth and well choreographed. Its very impressive action sequences like you have never seen before in ben 10. I love watching ben, gwen and kevin work together, using their superpowers in very clever ways. Not to mention the addition of other superhero kids, we get a vast assortment of superpowered action.

Conclusion: This show is considerably more better than the original ben 10, the only reason why is because the characters are a lot more likeable because they are more mature, but perhaps that’s my own preference. Despite the show being animated, i feel it has a lot in common with shows like Supernatural and x files, i mean kevin drives the team everywhere as they investigate weird and scary alien activity, that they have to deal with themselves. I love the inclusion of mystery and tension that was never present in the original series. The characters are all developed excellently in this series, with even the new characters being complex.

I really enjoy kevin and gwens developing romance throughout the series, it thankfully doesn’t get too mushy , but instead it feels like a mature relationship, the same can be said about ben and julie. This series is a worthy sequel, that in many ways surpasses the original, while later seasons kind of become repetitive and bland, the first season is still a great binge watch. This show can be quite melancholy for me, since i grew up watching the original series and then this one in high school, It will always be nice to know that when ben grew up, I grew up too, and if the show taught me anything, i will miss the old days of my childhood, but i know that there are many more adventures to come.


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